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A new class in my 3rd semester of applied linguistics at SDSU

ESP stands for

English for Specific Purposes

특수 목적용 영어

Cute stuff – books at anthro 

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The Korean word in this pretty book at anthropologie 

How about words like 


Angel city IPA 

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very bitter. Refreshing but boring after a few sips.  3/5 


[icbigfdf] “Alien Bakery” in Seoul, Korea 

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Disclaimer. It’s actually not gluten free. Sad, I know. It’s due to the little bit of barley they use for fermentation. 

(Their castellas have butter though!) 


Okay- I’ve got nuff to survive the week. (Yea right, Imma kill the whole bag in a few days) 
 여기 만드신 분 존경합니다! 감사합니다! 
Wae-gye-in bang-aht-gan “alien bakery” 외계인방앗간 near 신사역 

Vegan bakery dairy free 

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What I’m studying these days

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