Puchon Fantastic Film Fest!

Last year I had gone to this with Jin Park, Aram, and her friend Sunmi,  for just one day,  but this year I went alone, on a rather boring (less-eventful day for a film fest) 2nd Thursday,

but I totally enjoyed it!  What an impressive film fest-

Huuuuuge banner on the building of “Animation” screenings.  They were showing GUNDAM 건담 – the old school robot anime.  Someone reading this ought to have an obsession of it, no?

Watched “DO IT AGAIN”, a documentary film. Here’s a link that shows a short clip from the film. (I guess they were raising $$ online?? Wow. )

But pictured above is a Korean punk band “Tobacco Juice” (타바코쥬스) who performed after the screening.

To sum up my Puchon experience in a few words: Impressive and appreciative; especially for the many college-student volunteers’ humble and enthusiastic service and the many neat and awe-striking signage and festival spirit that was visible not just in theater buildings but throughout the city.

Okay, that wasn’t too “few”,

I’ll tell you more about it through an edited video. Coming soon!!!!!


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