Jolie in Korea

Angelina Jolie’s new film, SALT, finally opened in Korea. This time, the film premiere had the world-famous philanthropist, humanitarian, baby-hogger Mrs. Jolie-Pitt in attendance.

Theater was Yeong-Deung-Po’s Shinsegae Shopping Center’s CGV.  Someone later told me this CGV has the biggest movie screen in the… world?!  Yeah, right. Right?!


But Debbie and I decided, this is too much of a hassle to wait amongst the crowd for a 10 second look at Angelina Jolie. (we’ll just see her when we hit up LA again)

On the other hand,

this Shinsegae mall was a spectacle itself.

soooo pretty isn’t it?!

Biggest mall in Korea, ladies and gents.  What an eclectic city Seoul is.

Additional note:  found this Youtube Video of someone who lasted waiting for her and held onto her camera for a good 2 minutes. Good work!


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