“MEN” of Korea


this site caught my attention since, in korean, they write ‘지니’, just like my name.

but anyway, it’s a shopping website for men. for the skinny, metro, sometimes almost too gay, MEN of korea.

perhaps i should say “men of seoul, korea”  , cuz the men here in Busan seem a bit different.  “more manly!” says my roomie Debbie.

the picture above is such good depiction of the men in korea who are brave enough to enjoy cafe sessions , just like the hundreds and thousands of skinny women in their frilly skirts and high heels (and awkwardly high nose) that do that here (while coyly covering their mouths with their hands and snapping shots of the dessert they eat. wait, is that me too?).

ha ha ha

i see some cute stuff. i think i’d visit it once in a while.


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