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Late Update – Kimcheon

Posted in Uncategorized by Jini on November 23, 2010

Sorry it’s late

but thanks for the wait (if you did wait)

photos from my trip to the countryside in korea (kim-cheon) during mid-september

hope you enjoy this update

First house built in this village. 1940.


sign roughly reads "after 7 years of wandering homeless, this house was built in spring of 1947 by 5 religious students who then used the place as a Christian home.

church on the village hill


the grass stains and mold makes the photo look like a painting


brightly colored wall


welcome to Yong-Mun-San Village, Kimcheon City


meet me at the house with a blue roof


it rained a perfect light rain.


slippery slip in my grandma's old slippers


kimcheon is a city where most of its land is used for agriculture, but its more developed areas are becoming highly dynamic and urban.  2 hours southbound by train (the fast train, KTX) from Seoul. it would be nice to visit during autumn when the leaves are turning color and mushroom are in season for fun picking.


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