A Monday Mass (with Epic Tapestries)

For OC –> LA commuters,
anyone notice the big building on the left side when freeway splits from 101 to 110?
i always did. and today i pulled an exit and parked to check this building out.
no, actually my friend sg did. she’s a good driver so we made it here on time.

it’s The Cathedral Our Lady the Angels

big cathedral, beautiful indoor tapestries that i spent a good several minutes studying.
i’ve never enjoyed looking at tapestries until this one– various saints that i recognized, not only cuz the names are written underneath but the images are very very well-resembling the actual figures. it’s by an artist named John Nava and it says that he took only 45 days to complete the weaving on 25 tapestries. oh my.

i should have taken more pictures inside the church! didn’t know i would be so fascinated by it.

then we enjoyed a nice lunch outside the church. their terrace was so bright and open, accompanied by a perfectly temperatured and breezed weather.

merci à dieu!


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