Good Servants: High School Lenten Retreat



Our Lady of Peace, the Korean Catholic church in Irvine, CA, held their Lenten retreat for high schoolers this weekend at Kamp Kuper in Escondido. Led by College students mostly from UCI, the retreat, although small scale, was very successful in bringing the students new relationships, forming closer bond with one another, and giving them time for a breather from their everyday “high school” pressure. Great job to Stephanie Kim the retreat director, Janelle Tag, the music director and overall advisor, the Moms for the great food and behind-support, and Father Alex Ha for providing the students a time of Adoration. Can’t forget all college volunteers taking time from their busy schedule, and of course, the retreatants for their participation and trust in your teachers and friends for the weekend.


Students during a very serious group discussion. Topic: “Who is mafia?”




Retreat theme: From Head to Heart.  Great title! (props to Janelle Tag)


God is good.


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