I Fell in Love with a Poster

It’s One Day! Can’t believe I hadn’t heard of thus film till now. I love the poster I love the trailer I line Hathaway good enoughly and Sturgess is only good memories in my head. Can’t wait for this! Which lucky theater will have me trend to watch it?!

And I’d love to have this poster in my room. Oh my, love the color scheme, the pose, the angle, the way he is holding her face, the outfocus the teht het eth!

Release date august 19 by focus pictures.


p.s/ a fun discovery! i was googling “one day film” and it took me to this link: ONE DAY FILM competition

the trailer that comes out in the beginning almost convinced me that it’s a stylish trailer for the above film. it’s not! but i’m glad i accidentally found this stylish unknown mini film fest.


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