Korean elementary school 한국 초등학교

I had a chance to visit an actual class at an elementary school near where I stayed. It was like an “open class” day where parents can attend the school and watch how the classes are run. I pretended to be a parent as well and went. I saw a lot of high tech equipments, lessons focusing on the children’s “dreams” and their “I want to be when I grow up”s… there was an English class that had as its assistant teacher a Caucasian male teacher. I thought this was only prominent in Seoul schools but I guess not.







2 thoughts on “Korean elementary school 한국 초등학교

  1. This is really interesting. Looks like a really great learning environment! I saw something about a Korean film thats about the long history of a particular school. Do you know about that?

  2. Also, I have a friend who’s daughter is coming to teach in the south western part of Korea in a couple of months. I think she’ll be interested to see this!

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