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[icbigfdf] “Alien Bakery” in Seoul, Korea 

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Disclaimer. It’s actually not gluten free. Sad, I know. It’s due to the little bit of barley they use for fermentation. 

(Their castellas have butter though!) 


Okay- I’ve got nuff to survive the week. (Yea right, Imma kill the whole bag in a few days) 
 여기 만드신 분 존경합니다! 감사합니다! 
Wae-gye-in bang-aht-gan “alien bakery” 외계인방앗간 near 신사역 

Vegan bakery dairy free 

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[cute stuff] lily chai in irvine spectrum

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Lily chai in irvine spectrum
A new tea shop near the theater -! Locally founded company (support the local business !). the bright show window and the sample tea outside attracted me- the almond chai- was delicious. Not just a wide array of tea selection in fun tins but also tea cups pots and other tea accessories available. For someone who does not drink coffee anymore – this is a great discovery 🙂
얼바인 스펙트럼에 생긴 새로운 티 숖:
릴리 차이!




Complimentary cup of
almond oolong!

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[gf is my bf] Native Foods

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Lots of yummy entries at Native Foods but above all things, I love the peanut butter parfait dessert cup. I cannot believe its gf and df!!!!!




[Restaurants in SD] monello

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They’ve got gluten free pasta. Mm!
750 w fir st
Little Italy
저녁 날씨 선선한 날에 밖에 앉으면. 캬-
좋아하는 사람과 좋은 대화 나누며
파스타에 와인 한잔.

Baron’s Market

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Today’s great find: Barons market in rancho Bernardo
랜초 버나도에 위치한 바론스 마켓.
Gluten free items galore! 😀
Salad bar was small but satisfactory. I forgot to take a photo before eating all the food, but look at this nifty container w dividers so food dont mix. Whole food should learn!

Their plastic bag says they have locations in point Loma too. I should check it out-!

지니의 글루텐 프리 찾아 가는 여행은 계속된다 🙂



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