BIFF 2011 – Watching the Opening Ceremony

와- 영화제 개막식이다-  watching the opening ceremony of BIFF 2011.  They had it at their new cinema center (click for Hollywood Reporter article)  It is indeed a state of the art building.  Last year when I was in Busan, the area was under construction; can’t believe it is now all done!






It was the first year that the opening ceremony had two female MCs. (it’s always been a man and a woman). And they share the same first name: Ye Ji-Won and Um Ji-Won.  그런데 엄지원씨는 거인 같아 보였고 예지원씨는, 왜이리 짝나?!  Unbalanced, but somewhat cute and fun to watch 🙂





who is that interpreter lady?  통역 하시는 분 누구세요?  너무 잘하세요! she was so good!




waaaa— 와—–

(스텝들 애 먹었겠다. just imagine what staff had to go through though. )




the host for “TV Broadcast” section of the opening ceremony. 그런데 남자 왜이리 못해… 너무 어색하고 여자 아나운서 분, 힘드셨겠어요.  The guy was so bad though.  He is an actor, not an MC,  but why did they choose him in the first place?!



this guy.  이동진.  Lee Dong-Jin.  Korea’s popular film critic.  He still had his red rimmed glasses.  빨간뿔테 안경은 여전히.   아, 혹시 BIFF special 인가?!  is it perhaps specially worn for BIFF?!


영화의 전당… 영상도 쟁쟁하고 위에 나오는 이팩트도 우장장하고– 와… 스텝들 진짜 힘드셨겠어요.  수고하셨어요.  영화제 끝날때 까지 화이팅!  내년엔 좀 다시 가고싶네요~   지니생각.




BIFF 2011 – Opening Film – “오직그대만 (Always)”

2011 Busan International Film Festival’s Opening Film: 오직그대만 Oh-Jik-Geu-Dae-Man (literally “Only You”, but the official English title: “Always”)

This film sold out in 7 seconds. 7 SECONDS!!!!!

Starring So Ji-Sup 소지섭 (from Rough Cut)  and Han Hyo-Joo

melodrama… oh my… it looks very heartbreaking and breathtaking at the same time!  (very bad for the health indeed)

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