[Arabic] Yalla Arabi Youtube videos – Arabic speakers in Korea

Google search led me to these videos! These students are great–they are learning Arabic in Korea. Inspiring!


Random notes about the Arabic language

General facts:

– 295 million users of the Arabic language as of 2010

– it belongs in the language family of: Afro-Asiatic–> semitic–> central semitic–> Arabic

– it is the standard language in 27 states, the 3rd most after English and French

– some of the spoken varieties are mutually unintelligible, both written and orally.

– if all varieties are considered separate, the variety with the most number of users is the Egyptian Arabic, with 54 million speakers.

– in the US, Arabic is the 25th most spoken language

– modern written language is derived from Quran, the liturgical language of Islam

– Arabic is written in abjad script, right to left.

Project 2013: One Language a Month with Jini!

For 2013 I decided that I will learn one language in each month! I hope that even if I don’t get to learn a whole lot about the language, I will at least learn a little bit about the linguistic background, pronunciation characteristics, interesting facts, slangs… just tidbits yet important aspects that the language reflects.

For my first language, I decided to tackle Arabic!

Today’s word of the day:

Salam! = hello

Shokran = thank you

mah salam = good bye

kheer = good