[icbigfdf] “Alien Bakery” in Seoul, Korea 

Update on Jun 13, 2018: So the exact name of this franchise is “Alien Mill”, not “bakery”. Thanks to my awesome student for pointing it out and bringing me a bag full of goodies all the way across the globe!

Original post:

Disclaimer. It’s actually not gluten free. Sad, I know. It’s due to the little bit of barley they use for fermentation.

(Their castellas have butter though!)


Okay- I’ve got nuff to survive the week. (Yea right, Imma kill the whole bag in a few days)
여기 만드신 분 존경합니다! 감사합니다!
Wae-gye-in bang-aht-gan “alien bakery” 외계인방앗간 near 신사역

Vegan bakery dairy free


Links for BIFF 2011 Coverage


I like the photos in this one. A CINE 21 Coverage (a Korean magazine / internet portal for all things related Korean cinema)

It seems very high quality and the celebs look good! (some photos out there have bad lighting on them or have captured them in an awkward posture)

more to come- (if i’m not lazy)


CINE 21 이 진짜 괜찮네요-  잘 나온 사진들은 여기 다 모여있음


While Reading the Atlantic – Aspen Ideas Festival page


클린턴 왈: 한국의 인터넷 속도가 미국에 비해서 4배나 빠르다는 것에 대해 신경이 쓰여야 한다.

Aspen Ideas Festival 이라, 처음 들어보는데.

First time hearing about Aspen Festival.  It was in June.

TED 같은 행사인것 같다. This one is like TED.


be bothered… 신경이 쓰여야 한다…   이 부분에서 번역이 조금 오래걸렸다. 더 좋은 표현이 있을까?  I spent a long time trying to translate that part in Korean. What would be a better phrase to use?



The Atlantic Magazine is the one magazine that I subscribe to these days.  아틀란틱 매거진은 내가 구독하는 유일한 매거진이다.