This Makes Me Want To

이걸 보면 독일어를 배우고 싶어짐!

This makes me want to learn German!

Ich Nacht… ich…

Nah. 됐다.

나 요즘 계속 가 가 가!


I see gaga

And I hear her. Truly she has drugged me by making me purchase her you n I track on iTunes then purchase her cd on amazon in 5 min. I never do that. And if I think about it it’s just a country tune. Not a fav genre.

Her vma performance was amazing. Like a brilliant soliloquy scene in a run down theater. Lower east side of NYC. I see it. And I bet she’s acting the whole time. The whole time.


언제나 블로깅을 할때 영어와 한글을 쓰도록 노력하지만 잘 안된다. 모르겠다. 흠.
둘 다 언제나 어떻게 다른 내용으로 될지 궁금하다. 나의 linguistics research 대상. !