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This Makes Me Want To

Posted in Music Showcase by Jini on September 1, 2011

이걸 보면 독일어를 배우고 싶어짐!

This makes me want to learn German!

Ich Nacht… ich…

Nah. 됐다.

나 요즘 계속 가 가 가!

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I see gaga

Posted in Personal by Jini on August 31, 2011

And I hear her. Truly she has drugged me by making me purchase her you n I track on iTunes then purchase her cd on amazon in 5 min. I never do that. And if I think about it it’s just a country tune. Not a fav genre.

Her vma performance was amazing. Like a brilliant soliloquy scene in a run down theater. Lower east side of NYC. I see it. And I bet she’s acting the whole time. The whole time.


언제나 블로깅을 할때 영어와 한글을 쓰도록 노력하지만 잘 안된다. 모르겠다. 흠.
둘 다 언제나 어떻게 다른 내용으로 될지 궁금하다. 나의 linguistics research 대상. !

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Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, and Cher

Posted in Uncategorized by Jini on August 26, 2011

I think they look alike.
The long face. the nose.
That facial feature is what it takes to be a level 10 kind of artist.
Was there anything written about this? I swear-!!!

oh my it’s past my bedtime . midnight!
안자고 모하나 지니씨!

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