The Terrace Artists

3 artists on the deck. Dreading but doing projects required by school. Yet secret dreams keep them going (and funny inside jokes and making fun of eachothers’ works, I’m sure)




Who are you?
I am a person who is constantly searching for answers that may or may not have answes to. And I constantly like to surround myself with people whom I can have intelligent and meaningful conversations.

Your current occupation?
A student.

Your dream occupation?
A marriage family therapist. And a carpenter.

What makes you happy?
Family. Friends. Meeting new people. And learning about their lives.

Current occupation?
A student.

Dream occupation?
A photojournalist for world vision. And mom.


What makes you happy?
Singing out loud when nobody’s home. And being with Kids.

Current occupation?
A student. Spanish tutor.

Dream occupation?
A designer. Motivational and spiritual person…
You know, I’m just open to whatever opportunities.


Even as I was done noting down their responses, the conversation just continued on, and Katie wanted to change her answer to the “happiness” question (too late!)  Happy memory for her was during her childhood, her 4th of July tradition, where she and her sister would go out to the beach with their surfboards to lay on it in the middle of the bay, and watch the fireworks shooting up to the night sky.  Now… that indeed sounds like bliss, and would have been quite remarkable as an answer to that interview question.

Lesson of the Day: Have your happy moment always floating in your head. You never know when you’ll be interviewed, and your happy moment deserves to be shared.