A Day Begun with Meditation

Today my day began with a free meditation session held by the Red Lotus Society in downtown San Diego. I attended their annual sit-a-thon. I’m glad I found the place at least now, because they have this spacious but quaint tea room, and I think all teas there will give you euphoria or something close to it. Loved the ambience. Loved the people. The spirit. So precious.


The outside of the center. Hopefully next time I can get some more snapshots. Some inside.

Then I was met by a farmers market. The downtown 3rd street farmers market is every Sunday. There is a World Market next to it. They sold this “Cupcake chpaign dasti champagne! I was very close to purchasing but stopped myself. (good thing I didn’t because I saw it at Ralph’s a bit later that day. I should be able to get it easier than I thought)


Fruits look fresher & flowers look healthier at farmers markets. What is it that creates such image? Or maybe it’s just really that way. (or it’s just this post)

Un bon jour. Merci.